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ECOPLAN - Strategy & planning

ECOPLAN provides urban and regional strategic planning and consultingservices.

Our sustainability and urban renewal team of experts includes experienced urban planners, environmental consultants and economists, who believe that education, community, economics and the environment are bonded together.

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Lead by CEO & founder Dr. Asher Vaturi who holds a Ph.D in urban planning, ECOPLAN provides national and global solutions to social, economic and technological projects, enabling sustainable transitions. 


Our Services:

  • Urban and regional socio-economic planning

  • Environment & renewable energy consulting

  • Research and development

  • Ffeasibility studies of business and social projects

  • Strategic planning & public policy consulting

  • Industrial and urban renewal projects


By considering all social and environmental aspects as factors in the ecosystem,we strive to customize an optimal innovative and economical solution for our customers, in the public and private sectors.


Our Customers:

  • Public Sector: Local authorities, NGOs and research centers

  • Private sector: Investors, business companies, entrepreneurs and architects


Our deepknowledgethe field, the market, its stakeholders, statutory circumstances and regulations, and our experience in investments and creating business plans, allow us to asses and predict significant factors in the project, and to provide valuable inputs and insights, following many successful projects.


Contact us:


Tel: +972522508345

Who are our clients?

Public sector: we serve local authorities, NGOs, research centers.

Private sector: we serve business companies, entrepreneurs, architects

For more information, please contact us:

By Email: 

Tel: +972522508345

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